If you’re wondering, “Is the Calm Child Program for me?” no problem. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers for The Calm Child Program.

Question #1: I have an anxious child, we have tried other methods, will this work program for us?

Answer: Yes! The program will give you proven tried and tested methods. The program will teach you various approaches to help improve your child’s anxiety, from holistic to scientific based and everything in between.

Question #2: I’m a very busy parent, will I have time to learn and implement the methods?

Answer: The program is structured for the busy family in mind. I understand how limited and precious your time is, so the course modules are designed to cover as much information simply and clearly for you.

It will be broken down into bite size pieces for easy learning and the courses can be taken at your own pace. For easy reading, you will receive downloads and PDF’s so you are able to have the course available to you at all times for easy reading.  The techniques which you will learn can be practiced throughout your busy day, and will become a daily habit.

Question 3: My child is 15 years old, will the methods still work?

Answer: Yes, the techniques which I teach are appropriate for 3 year old children, up to 18 years.The methods can be easily adapted to be age appreciate for your child. You are building the emotional foundations and giving them tools for life, which will serve them all through their adult life.

Question #4: Can I enroll in The Calm Child Program soon’?

Answer: Right now, enrollment for The Calm Child Program is open ,click this link to sign up…….

I hope this answers some of your questions. If you’d like to know anything else please let me know. jo@thecalmchild.org

Jo x